Cisco Jabber URI in iOS Apps

You can use Jabber URIs in your iOS apps, for example, tapping a contact’s picture might start a Jabber call. Once you have constructed the appropriate Jabber URI, simply use openURL to initiate its actions.


Link to Gist

How can I determine if a Jabber is installed?

Your iOS app can simply pass the ciscojabber: scheme to canOpenURL to determine if a Jabber is installed on the device. A return value of true indicates that the Jabber is installed.

What can I do if a Jabber is not installed?

If the Jabber is not installed, your app should alert the user, and direct them to the App Store. Ideally, your app should use openURL with an argument of itms-apps:// to navigate directly to the Jabber for iPad install page.

For more detail on launching the Cisco Jabber application visit


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