Deploying Cisco UCS Emulator on VMware ESXi

Cisco UCS Emulator is a great tool to show many features that Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) offers. It also gives something to use to get familiar with the system as well as can be used for the demo.

Download UCS Emulator Version 2.0 GA from

Download the 7zip open source archiver from to unzip the compressed emulator file.

Extract 7z archive. It contains VMDK files that can be used to deploy Virtual Machine on VMware Workstation or Fusion, but to deploy it on ESXi, some additional steps required to process files with VMware vCenter Converter and then we can deploy it to vCenter directly.

Download and Install VMware vCenter Converter from

Launch vCenter Converter and Click File -> New -> Convert Machine

Select “VMware Workstation or Other VMware virtual machine” as the source type and select UCSPE.vmx as virtual machine file to process for conversion.

You can click on “View Source Details” link to know the VM configuration and disks layout.

Close Source Details Dialog and Click Next to proceed with the selection of target destination type.

Select “VMware Infrastructure virtual machine” as the destination type and provide destination information for vCenter Server.

Click Next to Continue. Specify Destination VM name “UCSPE_V2”.

Select a destination cluster resource, datastore and Virtual machine Version “Version 7” for the new VM.

Set the ‘Conversion Options’ before hitting the Finish button. Configure the destination VM parameters as per your need. You can chose to set disk formats to “Thin” or “Thick”, adjust CPU/Memory allocation and set desired destination network.


Confirm selected options from the Summary and then click Finish. The Conversion job will then be processed and status can be watched within the Converter window.

When completed, the VM will appear in the vCenter inventory with the name and configuration specified above.

Go to vCenter and Power-on the VM.

VM is pre-configured to obtain DHCP IP address. Once the VM is booted, it will show the UCS Web UI location and login details on the console.


Default admin password is the cisco for the UCS manager console.


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