Work with ZIP Archive as the Real File System Directory

With fuze-zip utility (ZIP Archive mounter based on FUSE) we can mount ZIP Archive file and work on it as real directories.

Installing fuze-zip (Ubuntu Linux)

$ sudo apt-get install fuse-zip

Mounting ZIP archive file at the MountPoint
Usage: fuse-zip <zip-file> <mountpoint>

$ mkdir /home/divyen/zipmount
$ fuze-zip /home/divyen/ /home/divyen/zipmount

Navigate to the mount point directory and work on the ZIP archive as real directory.

$ cd /home/divyen/zipmount/example
$ ls
$ touch file2
$ echo "file2 content" &gt;&gt; file2
$ ls
file1  file2

Unmount and save changes to the original ZIP archive file.

$ cd /home/divyen
$ sudo umount /home/divyen/zipmount

List the content of the New File “file2” is added to the ZIP archive.

$ unzip -l
 Length      Date     Time    Name
---------  ---------- -----   ----
  0  	   2011-01-07 16:11   example/
 11  	   2011-01-07 16:11   example/file1
 14  	   2011-01-07 16:15   example/file2
---------  -------
 25        3 files

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