Configuring iSCSI and ZFS pool on Sun Storage 7410

Sun Storage 7410 Unified Storage System Tech Spec

Create a iSCSI target

ISCSI target can be quickly created using the the storage web console.
To create a new iSCSI target go to the Configuration → SAN → iSCSI Targets
Click on the (+) icon to create a new iSCSI target.

Click on the OK after setting target properties. It should create a new iSCSI target as given below.

To share LUNs only via particular targets build Target Groups. To create a group or add to an existing one, drag the entity from the left to the table on the right. When done adding new target group click on the Apply to save the changes.

Create and Share a LUN as an iSCSI target
LUN can be quickly created using the the storage web console.
To create a new LUN go to the Shares → Projects → default → LUNs.
Click on the (+) icon and provide the LUN configuration.

Target group “targets-0” share this LUN as an ISCSI target.
When done click on the Apply to create a LUN.

Enable iSCSI Data Service
To provide LUN access via the iSCSI protocol make sure iSCSI Data Service is enabled.
Go to the Configuration → Services and If the service is not online, click the power icon and the service should come online .

Mounting iSCSI device on the Solaris client
Enable iSCSI initiator daemon

bash-3.00# svcadm enable svc:/network/iscsi/initiator:default
bash-3.00# svcs svc:/network/iscsi/initiator:default
STATE          STIME    FMRI
online         Aug_05   svc:/network/iscsi/initiator:default

bash-3.00# iscsiadm modify discovery --sendtargets enable

add Storage IP address as the discovery-address. You need to provide the appropriate iSCSI target server ip in place of

bash-3.00# iscsiadm add discovery-address

You should be seeing iSCSI target details discovered from the Storage (

bash-3.00# iscsiadm list target
        Alias: ldom-target
        TPGT: 2
        ISID: 4000002a0000
        Connections: 1

Format and Label the disk.

bash-3.00# format
Searching for disks...done

c5t600144F09E0C3A8000004C62AE220003d0: configured with capacity of 499.91GB

       0. c1t0d0
       1. c1t1d0
       2. c5t600144F09E0C3A8000004C62AE220003d0
Specify disk (enter its number): 2
selecting c5t600144F09E0C3A8000004C62AE220003d0
[disk formatted]
Disk not labeled.  Label it now? yes

Create a ZFS pool on the iSCSI disk.

bash-3.00# zpool create iscsi-ldompool c5t600144F09E0C3A8000004C62AE220003d0s6
bash-3.00# zpool list
iscsi-ldompool   496G  76.5K   496G     0%  ONLINE  -
ldompool         136G  50.6G  85.4G    37%  ONLINE  -

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