Project Management System

This Project was aimed to manage any generic project which can be split up in to well define tasks.

Administrator is the super user and is responsible for creating projects in to system. Each project is assigned the Project leader, who is responsible for creating tasks, managing team and assigning tasks to team members. Team member in turn can create jobs for each of the tasks assigned by project leader. Each job team member creates should have some weight toward entire task, which is assigned by team member in consultation with reviewer. On the daily basis each team member reports their progress on jobs. Using weighted average, entire project progress is calculated.

This system also allows to interact and collaborate with team mates using built in mail system.

Task Alert Engine which runs on different machine continuously scans progress of tasks and their deadlines. Deadline reminder is sent to team members, project leaders and reviewers before the customized days for each project.

Technologies: 1.1 using C# and 2003, SQL Server Reporting    Service, SQL Server 2000